Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

I stayed up until 2 am this morning.  After everyone else was asleep, I organized/rearranged all of our books (books take up about half of the square footage in our house), reorgainzed all of the kids art supplies (another 25%), swept, mopped, vaccumed, did a giant load of dishes, cleaned the burner plates on the stove, etc. etc.  I knew today would be long, but I kept thinking “just think how nice it will be to wake up to a clean house!”  And I was right, it was very nice.  Until 2 hours later, when I was wishing I was still asleep, and my house looked prety much like it had the day before.  Well, not entirely…my books are still (mostly) organized, and the burner plates are still (mostly) clean.

The thing about only getting 4 hours of sleep at night when you weren’t well rested to begin with, is that your brain starts to turn to jello.  I have been completely unable to string together coherent sentences today, AND, earlier when I went to pour myself a glass of water (in the same water glass I always use), I picked up the plastic cup full of brand new sugared pecans instead, and gave them a quick rinse.  Then I just stood there, dumbly, trying to figure out what to do next, and it occured to me that I wanted to get the water *off* of the nuts…so I dumped the whole mess on to a paper plate.  Oy.
However, even though I am not clever or mostly awake today, my kids are, as always, fantastic.  Tonight when we were driving to pick up Tim, Maya says to me “Mom, do you know what I’ve always wanted to be?”

“No, I don’t” I replied.

“An Artist!” she exclaims.

“I see,” I say, “but you know what, Maya?  You already are an Artist!”

“No, Mom, I’m not.”  She says, a little irritatedly.

“I think you are.”  I insist.”An artist is someone who creates art, and you already do that.”

“I’m not, Mom.  Real artists wear those special hats, and go to little art studios.”

I see.

So then Casal pipes up (actually, he’s been trying to pipe up for a while, and finally nearly shouts, exasperated “Maya, you’ve been talking for a LONG time!”

then “Mama, do you know what I have always wanted to be?”

“No, Casal, what have you always wanted to be?”

“A Super Hero!”

“Oooh, that will be fun.  Will you wear a cape?”

“No, I not wear anything.  I’ll just wear yegular clothes.”

Later, Maya told me she wanted to buy or build herself “a small little art gallery” when she grows up, to sell her paintings (but she’s not charging admission).  “The paintings that take a really long time, like a whole day, I will sell for 10 or 20 dollars” she says.  “The ones that are easy, I will sell those for 25 or 50 cents.”