It’s Fall! Again!

I just adore Autumn.  I love the smell of drying leaves, and the way your nose and hands are cold when you come in from outside, and the fire and rust and sun in the trees.  I love the busyness in the kitchen– the toasting nuts, and simmering stews, and the bread baking.  I love the winding down and the coming indoors to settle.  I love the anticipation of the anticipation of the return of the light. And I love the nesting, the battening down of the hatches.  I wish that I harvested and canned, because it seems like the right thing to do at this time– to store up for winter, to bottle and jar the last shimmering bits of summer, to stack on the shelves and spoon out over bread in the winter.

Everything is crisp in the fall, and bursting forth with last flurries of spectacle, before the stark austerity of winter.

All is well in the Wylie house, this October.  I’m trying to do more reading, more creating, more baking, and less of the screen viewing.  Last week, we made a fall garland.  I’m pretty proud of it, so here are two pictures:

Here is a link to the tutorial I used.

The end.  For now.