Share the cake, don’t eat the cake…

Well, we’re on day 3 of the nasty stomach bug that my kids picked up (I assume) at our church’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Neither of them has ever really been stomach-sick for more than 24 hours, so I’ve learned all about dehydration these past few days.  Thankfully, both of them have been consistently guzzling down water out of their respective water bottles, so no worries there, although I would prefer, in general, that my daughter consume more than one-half of a banana and one-half of a mini bagle in any given 48 hour period.  C seems to be tolerating it better, unless he’s got some sort of stop-and-start model going.  We’ve watched every kids movie we own and have now moved on to a stack my gracious upstairs neighbor has loaned us (thank you so much, Amber!)  A lovely friend from church brought chicken soup yesterday, plus vitamin water, real ginger-ale (made with cane sugar), and two loaves of lovely multi grain bread which resemble seeduction.  I feel well cared for.

Sunday afternoon, before the sickies set in, we went to a local nursery and chose a little, montana-wild, charlie brown tree, which has been watered and lit but not decorated yet.  I am hoping by Friday little tummies will be able to handle the hot cocoa and ginger cookies that accompany the tree decorating scenario in my head.  We also bought a “misfit” wreath to use for our advent wreath.  I will surely post pictures.

Our Christmas plans have changed– instead of hosting my parents here for one week, we will be descending upon their home in Kansas for a month complete.  Actually, we’ll visit Searcy for 5 or 6 days, and then spend the rest of the month in Chanute.  I am excited.

I have my first (and last) consultation with a perinatologist tomorrow, and will take one last peek at Poppy Wylie before we meet her in March.  I am excited, but disappointed that my husband will have to miss to stay home with sick kids.

That is most of the news from the Northland.  The End.