impending birthday

Well.  The boy turns 2 on Tuesday.  He is turning in to a little boy!  Today he pooped in the potty!  I have begun making his birthday present.  I believe it is now a 2nd birthday tradition in our family that the birthday child receive a waldorf doll of some sort.  Here is the one I chose for C.  Tonight, I completed the most frustrating (and painful) step.  Forming and shaping the head.  It’s downhill from here.  Maya’s doll is still well loved– although it has the ugliest hair of any doll ever.  I solved this problem by choosing a bald doll with a hat this time around.

Also, how does one decide when to cut a little boy’s hair?  I had originally intended to cut it on his 2nd birthday, or very near it, but I am getting cold feet.  Everyone assumes he is a girl (which makes his sister *very* indignant), but I don’t care.  I really love his hair and if I cut it he will look grown up.  Sigh.

Poppy is getting bigger and more wiggly.  I dig.  Have I mentioned we’re homebirthing?  I’m excited.  :)

i am tired, and going to bed.